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Garbage disposals are an integral part of any kitchen. They are responsible for breaking up food and other foreign objects in the kitchen sink, preventing massive clogs before they happen.

As a matter of fact, garbage disposals are instrumental in ridding your home from unpleasant odors and other inconveniences that can cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

If your garbage disposal system isn’t working properly and you need assistance, look no further than Worthmann Plumbing.

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Full-Service Garbage Disposal Services

Like all mechanical devices, garbage disposals need to be properly maintained. When maintenance is neglected, these systems will eventually stop working. To avoid a malfunction, you should:

  • Use a lot of water to flush away all food
  • Never grind pasta, coffee grounds, peelings, and eggshells
  • Remove excessive food from your sink
  • Never use hot water while grinding
  • Reduce the amount of chemicals poured down the street

Unfortunately, even if you perform these preventative measures, your disposal will eventually break down due to excessive usage and old age. If you are experiencing regular problems with your disposal, give us a call today for our premium services.

Signs of a clogged garbage disposal:

  • Unpleasant odor
  • Weird noises
  • Slow drainage
  • Leaking water
  • Won’t shut off

Usually, garbage disposals require minor repairs to return to complete functionality. Sometimes, the disposal will need to be replaced. No matter what your situation is, our team of experts will get down to the root of your problem and provide a solution.

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